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Daily Cupcakes - November 8th, 2011

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An Avs/ Red Wings preview.

The Avalanche (7-6-1) have scored one goal in two of their last three losses and six in the other, an overtime defeat in Dallas on Friday. Colorado has registered one goal or fewer six times this season and four or more in four games.

Paul Stastny scored his second goal in as many games 34 seconds into Sunday's matchup with visiting Calgary, but the Avalanche were shut out from there in a 2-1 defeat.

"It was disappointing ... because we had a great start," coach Joe Sacco said. "You can't get a better shift than we had on that first goal. You have to keep skating. You have to keep working after you get that goal. You can't just sit back and play on your heels."

Dick Pound, again, is weighing in on the NHL and the alleged steroid use.

"When you see some of the stuff occurring on the rinks these days, you don't know whether you're dealing with people who are playing the game in a steroid rage or not, but some of these head shots are not accidents," he said.

The NHL and NHLPA agreed on a drug testing policy in their collective bargaining agreement in July 2005 after the lockout of 2004-05.

A first offence is a 20-game suspension and referral to the league's behavioural health program. The second is a 60-game suspension. A third violation is a permanent suspension with the right to apply for reinstatement after two years.

Defenceman Sean Hill is the only player to be suspended under the policy. He served a 20-game ban in 2007 when he played for the New York Islanders.

An update on D.J. Smith, a guy who played 34 games for the Avs in 2003.

"I was always a tough player," said the former Spitfires captain (1996-1997). "I kind of got my chance with Colorado but, unfortunately, I ended up retiring with concussions before I started to play my best hockey and was ready to be a regular in the NHL."

After retirement in 2004, Smith took some time off but was offered a job with the Spitfires as a coach. Since joining the team, Smith was involved with the team winning back-to-back OHL Championships and Memorial Cups in 2009 and 2010.

And an update on Sidney Crosby.  I found this article to be quite interesting, I'm going to be honest, I have a subscription to the magazine because they often have interesting articles. It's explaining the way they are going about treating him, and it's quite interesting (yes, I'm a geek, I know).

Crosby, who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins and has been famously sidelined with a concussion since January, is Carrick’s newest patient, and this day in August is the first time they’ve met. Carrick leans in close, his balding, tanned head looming inches from Crosby’s face, and rests the stethoscope on his chest. "Let’s make sure you’re not dead."

Carrick then signals to restart the gyroscope—with one difference. This time Crosby will be turned upside-down while he is also spun around. He hasn’t experienced this dual action yet. The door clangs shut. Above it, a stack of red, yellow and green lights shines while 10 high-pitched beeps signal the gyroscope is about to start. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

A low hum floods the room as the gyroscope begins its 20-second "montage" of rotations. With each flip, Crosby grips the black handles flanking his thighs, his face reddens and his jaw clenches. Before long, the gyroscope, called GyroStim, winds down. "Perfect," Carrick concludes.