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Daily Cupcakes - December 13th, 2011

Yet another team has changed coaches this year.

The Los Angeles Kings fired coach Terry Murray on Monday after a slow start to a season of high expectations.

Murray was replaced by assistant coach John Stevens, who will be an interim head coach.

Murray was behind the long-struggling Kings’ bench for their best moments in the past decade, leading Los Angeles to consecutive playoff appearances after an eight-year absence.

Sheldon Kennedy is going to Washington to try and protect victims in the States.

Sheldon Kennedy is in the U.S. capital this week, eager to appear as the marquee witness at a congressional hearing delving into sexual abuse of children in the aftermath of shocking Penn State allegations that have stunned a nation.

And the one-time NHL player, the public face of Canada's own version of the college football scandal, says he'll brook no nonsense from right-wing U.S. lawmakers who oppose government regulation on almost every front.

"Bring it on," Kennedy said at downtown D.C. coffee shop on the eve of his testimony. "We're going at them hard."

The new Winnipeg Jets took a long time to get.

Virtually from the moment the original Jets decamped to Phoenix in the spring of 1996, Chipman was working on a plan to bring the NHL back. First, he brought in a minor-league franchise, the Moose, to fill the hockey void. Then, he and his colleagues at True North Sports and Entertainment succeeded where so many others had failed—partnering with David Thomson, the country’s richest man, to build a new downtown arena, the MTS Centre. They ran their team with class and efficiency and turned the venue into a cash box. All the while scarcely breathing a word of their larger ambitions.