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Injury Update

After my lovely time trying to compile injury data for my seamless glass post last summer, I decided to keep track of the Avs injuries while they happened this year so there would be a record SOMEWHERE of the duration of each injury and how it was caused. I just updated it, so this list should be current as of last game. Please let me know if I have any mistakes. I'll keep re-posting this every month or so from here on out.

Also, if anyone is curious about injuries to the other teams in the league, this site is a great reference tool. They've not updated their totals in a bit, but at the end of November, the Avs were one of the 5 LEAST injured clubs in the league. Crazy, right?

We're on pace for about 161 MGL this year, or approximately 1/3 of the 474 we lost last year. I just hope we can stay healthy going into the second part of the season.

***Table does not include totals from players that have not played with the club this year (Olver, Rissmiller, etc.)***

(TCD = Training Camp Day, PSG = Preseason Game, RS MGL = Regular Season Man-Game Lost)

# Name Injury Cause Injury Date Injury Game # Opponent Return Date RS MGL
44 Wilson Hand Blocked Shot 19-Sep TCD 3 - 8-Oct 0
8 Hejda Knee Unknown 20-Sep TCD 4 Burg. & White 8-Oct 0
18 Yip Broken Arm Blocked Shot 23-Sep PSG 2 Blues 17-Dec 18
88 Mueller Head Post Concussion 12-Oct 3 Blue Jackets - 28
6 Johnson Groin Bag Skate 20-Nov 21 Sharks 4-Dec 5
17 Kobasew Leg Unknown 2-Dec 26 Blues 6-Dec 1
26 Stastny Torso Hit 4-Dec 27 Red Wings 13-Dec 3
44 Wilson Head Hit 6-Dec 28 Canucks - 2
17 Kobasew Head Hit 9-Dec 30 Oilers - 1
18 Yip Groin Unknown 9-Dec 30 Oilers - 1
Total 59