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Avalanche Tidbits

On Saturday morning, Sandie and I went on a tour of the Pepsi Center and spent some time chatting with Avalanche folks while there. We learned some interesting things that I thought might be worth passing along.

  • A group of 12 local dentists formed a group to give back to the community. KSE set them up at the Can on Saturday to help them do it. One of the club level suites was converted to a dentists' office with four or five chairs set up. The dentists offered free dental care to poverty-stricken and homeless people living in the Denver area. As we saw them lining up, I noticed that the majority of the patients were children. The dentists did not limit the work they did; if the procedure was necessary, they performed it. KSE helped fund the actual procedures, but the dentists donated their time, as well as their money as they paid all of their assistants overtime for being there.
  • Peter Mueller has been skating with the team pretty regularly for about a month, and he has not been wearing the orange no-contact jersey. He looks great and does not seem to be suffering from any concussion-like symptoms. It seems the Avalanche are being ultra careful this time, though, since the last two times he came back to play, he went out again just as quickly.
  • Semyon Varlamov's back injury is minor. Nobody should get all freaked out about it. It's a strain, and he should be good to start a game this week.
  • Shane O'Brien likes cupcakes.