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Flyers at Avalanche Live Thread

The Avalanche host the Flyers tonight at the Pepsi Center. The Flyers are pretty good but then the Avalanche did beat the Bruins and the Bruins just beat Philadelphia 6-0, so by extension the Avalanche should be able to win like 7-0 tonight which would be really cool because the Avalanche have never won 7-0 before. They've had a few 6-0 wins and some 7-1 wins, including earlier this year against the Ottawa Craig AnderSens, but never 7-0. And did you know that the first year in Denver, the Avs scored 7 goals or more ELEVEN freaking times? Which is amazing, because they've only done it 27 times in the 15 years since. Maybe we need to bring back some of those guys from the first team? Does anyone know how to get in touch with Troy Murray and Andrei Kovalenko? No, didn't think so, but it still would be a good idea in my opinion. Anyway, the Avalanche are playing the Flyers and can jump up 3 spots in the standings. That's if LA loses to Toronto in regulation and Edmonton loses to...oh, they are playing Detroit? Make that 2 spots in the standings, please. The Avalanche have to win though and, at the end of the day, I think what I'm really trying to say is....Happy Birthday Dario.