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Daily Cupcakes- December 2nd, 2011

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TooManyMenOnTheSite tackle all of yesterday's NHL news.

The Overlooked Fantasy Line(s) of the Night:

Jonathan Ericsson and Ryan O’Reilly had nights to remember. Ericsson scored a goal and added an assist in Detroit’s win against Tampa, adding a plus-one rating. O’Reilly had a goal and two assists to go along with a plus-three in Colorado’s huge 6-1 win over New Jersey.'s goalie power rankings have been released.

24. COLORADO AVALANCHE Semyon Varlamov is talented, but still young and learning the NHL. I'm impressed by the new mobility and reaction saves in Jean-Sebastien Giguere's game this year. He told me good health is a big part of that.

Straight from Patrick Roy's mouth.

"La décision d'aller dans la LNH doit venir de tes tripes. Quand tu reçois une proposition, tu analyses les pour et les contre, et à la fin, tu te décides. Certains sont animés par la passion et le goût de voir jusqu'où ils peuvent amener une équipe [de la LNH]. Dans mon cas, présentement, c'est plus le rythme de vie qui importe",

***For those of you who don't speak/read French, Roy says that the decision to go into the NHL comes down to a gut instinct. When you get an offer you must analyze the positives and negatives and in the end you finally reach a decision. Some are animated by the passion and their desire to see just how far they can bring an NHL team. In his case, currently, what's more important is his rhythm in life.*** (Translated by me)

As the new CBA is coming up, the National Post that I found very amusing.

So what will be the major issues in the next NHL CBA? That depends on who you talk to. As it turns out, everyone seems to have a different opinion on which issues should be top priorities. Here is a look at what various stakeholders around the NHL say they would like to see changed in the league’s next CBA: