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World Juniors Start Next Monday

If anyone is interested in taking a break from the NHL to watch some of the world's best young prospects, this is certainly the place to do it! Luckily for us, the tournament will be broadcast across both the US and Canada, which will give us plenty of chances to see Sami Aittokallio, one of the Avs' top goalie prospects, serve as Finland's starting goaltender (quick breakdown of their team here). In the USA, you can watch him play on Dec. 26, Dec. 28, and Dec. 30 as well as in the medal rounds if they make it that far. In Canada, you'll also see him on Dec. 31. However, there's also a ton of undrafted and up-and-coming young talent that will be showcased over the next few weeks. Who knows, maybe the Avs' top 2012 or 2013 pick is playing this year!

USA and Canada broadcast schedules and team links after the jump....

USA Broadcast Schedule

NHL Network will cover the tournament for the States, and Matt Rosen, Dave Starman and Rob Simpson will be the commentators. More information on them and the broadcast can be found here. Also, according to the blog "Puck Worlds" the US has the top-ranked Junior Hockey Program, and The Hockey Writer's David O'Connor calls them "the team to beat" in his preview. The boys in the Stars and Stripes should make a good showing this year. Other fun info: USA Roster, USA World Juniors Blog (it has pictures!).

Date Matchup Network Time (MST)
Dec. 26 Canada vs. Finland NHL Network 1:30 p.m.
USA vs. Denmark NHL Network 6 p.m.
Dec. 27 Denmark vs. Czech Republic NHL Network 6 p.m.
Dec. 28 Finland vs. USA NHL Network 1:30 p.m.
Czech Republic vs. Canada NHL Network 6 p.m.
Dec. 29 Canada vs. Denmark NHL Network 6 p.m.
Dec. 30 Czech Republic vs. USA NHL Network 1:30 p.m.
Finland vs. Denmark NHL Network 8 p.m.
Dec. 31 USA vs. Canada NHL Network 6 p.m.
Jan. 2 Quarterfinal #1 NHL Network 3 p.m.
Quarterfinal #2 NHL Network 7 p.m.
Jan. 3 Semifinal #1 NHL Network 3 p.m.
Semifinal #2 NHL Network 7 p.m.
Jan. 5 Bronze-Medal Game NHL Network 1:30 p.m.
Gold-Medal Game NHL Network 6:00 p.m.

Canada Broadcast Schedule

The birth nation of hockey will be hosting the tournament this year, and the games will take place in buildings we've very familiar with - Rexall Place in Edmonton (home of the Oilers) and the Saddledome in Calgary (home of the Flames). TSN will broadcast the games and even have streaming available to Canadian residents. Even though it sounds like the Canadian team may not be as strong as it has been in the past, they're still the home team and are expected to put up a fight. It should be interesting to watch. Also of interest: Team Canada Roster, online news coverage from, and The Hockey Writer's take on their roster.

Date Matchup Network Time ET/PT
Dec. 19 Canada vs. Finland (Exhibition) TSN2 9pm/6pm
Dec. 22 Canada vs. Switzerland (Exhibition) TSN2 9pm/6pm
Dec. 23 Canada vs. Sweden (Exhibition) TSN 9:30pm/6:30pm
Dec. 26 Canada vs. Finland TSN and 3pm/Noon
Sweden vs. Latvia TSN2 5:30pm/2:30pm
USA vs. Denmark TSN2 8pm/5pm
Switzerland vs. Russia TSN2 10:30pm/7:30pm
Dec. 27 Czech Republic vs. Denmark TSN 8pm/5pm
Dec. 28 USA vs. Finland TSN 3:30pm/12:30pm
Sweden vs. Switzerland TSN2 5:30pm/2:30pm
Canada vs. Czech Republic TSN and 7:30pm/4:30pm
Russia vs. Slovakia TSN2 10pm/7pm
Dec. 29 Denmark vs. Canada TSN and 7:30pm/4:30pm
Latvia vs. Russia TSN2 10pm/7pm
Dec. 30 USA vs. Czech Republic TSN 3:30pm/12:30pm
Sweden vs. Slovakia TSN2 5:30pm/2:30pm
Finland vs. Denmark TSN2 8pm/5pm
Dec. 31 Czech Republic vs. Finland TSN 4pm/1pm
Canada vs. USA TSN and 7:30pm/4:30pm
Russia vs. Sweden TSN2 10pm/7pm
Jan. 2 Quarter-final 1 TSN and 5pm/2pm
Quarter-final 2 TSN and 8:30pm/5:30pm
Jan. 3 Semifinal 1 TSN and 5pm/2pm
Semifinal 2 TSN and 8:30pm/5:30pm
Jan. 5 Bronze Medal Game TSN and 3:30pm/12:30pm
Gold Medal Game TSN and 7:30pm/4:30pm