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Gabriel Landeskog interview part three.

Gabriel Landeskog Interviewed by MHH on December 18th, 2011. (S. Gauthier, C. Bradley )
Gabriel Landeskog Interviewed by MHH on December 18th, 2011. (S. Gauthier, C. Bradley )

This is the third part of the interview of Colorado Avalanche's Garbiel Landeskog. Here is the second part of the interview, and the first part of the interview.

MHH: When the Avalanche were, kind of skidding, and it was your draft year. I started looking and seeing which players were going to be available to the Avalanche for the draft. Did you do opposite? Did you try and figure out?

Gabriel: I was, I was pretty excited when I saw the Avs started slipping. Cause it was one of my favorite teams growing up. They've always been a team that I've been watching and keeping an eye on. When I saw them starting to lose, you obviously never want a team to lose and do bad, but that was the one team that I was crossing my fingers and kinda hoping for. It worked out well.

MHH: A lot of people on the website, we have meme's and one of them was "Losing for Landeskog", so everytime they lost we were like "Getting closer".

MHH: Which is harder, French or English?

Gabriel: I know some French, a little bit. I know a couple phrases here and there, but I wouldn't say I speak French. So French is probably harder, I'd say.

: What are your plans/goals for the second half of the season? What do you plan on working on, or want to improve?

Gabriel: Well, you always want to improve as you go a long. In every season you want to get better and better, but I mean I've been struggling a little bit to put the puck in the net. You know, the main thing is that we're winning games. That's all you can focus on, I mean if you're not scoring goals then you got to contribute in other ways by working hard and do the little things right. Playing well in your defensive zone, power play, penalty kill and that sort of stuff. Like I said, as long as our team is doing well, I don't really care if I'm scoring or not. I can go a whole season without a goal as long as we are winning.

: When they were talking about you before the draft, everybody said that of the whole draft class you were the most ready for the NHL, straight off the bat. When you hit the NHL game, did you feel like you were ready or was there part of your game that you really needed to work on or up?

Gabriel: There's a lot of things that I need to get better at. To kinda, get used to the NHL, I guess. I mean, the speed of the game is so much faster. You gotta think ahead of time. Always. You have to be ready. You have to know what to do when you get the puck and that sort of stuff. It's something you learn as you go along, it's not anything you can prepare for, really. You know, my summer workouts I'd always try to focus on just maximizing the intensity and that sort of stuff to try to be ready for the intensity. The quickness of the game, you gotta get quicker. I gotta get stronger, and a better shot, and everything. So there's always parts that you need to get better at. That's stuff we work on everyday together at practice.

Check back in on Monday for the last installment of the interview, including the not-so-rapid Rapid Fire Questions.