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Daily Cupcakes- December 29th, 2011

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A story on the newest Forsberg.

CALGARY — It stands to reason that the hockey hero for an 18-year-old Swede would be, say, Mats Sundin or Nick Lidstrom or one of those precocious copycat twins out Vancouver way. But not for Filip Forsberg.

"Peter Forsberg," he replied Tuesday.

And no, the kid is no kin. Not a son. Not a nephew. Not even a distant second cousin removed, remotely linked by some relative’s wife’s third marriage on the outskirts of Ostervala.

"Sorry,’’ he confessed wearily. "Not at all.’’

Thanks for asking.

An interview with Donald Fehr.

16. When do you expect CBA talks to start with the NHL?
DF Some time after the All-Star Game, but I’m not prepared to say when. There’s a lot of preliminary work that has to be done. The contract doesn’t expire until Sept. 15, and so there’s plenty of time to do it.

17. Are we in any danger of another labour stoppage?
DF All I can say is, I would certainly hope not. In the last negotiation, there obviously was a long stoppage at the owners’ instigation. Both long stoppages in hockey have been lockouts, the players haven’t had any extended strikes. The owners insisted upon and received enormous concessions from the players, so one would hope that those days are days that people can write about in the history books, and we don’t have to look at them going forward. Having said that, I’ve been doing this too long and in too many different places to make predictions.

Some video of some of the more note-worthy sports moments. Including a short video of the ceremony for the fallen KHL team. Have Kleenex ready if you haven't seen this video before.

The most indelible televised images of 2011 courtesy of Usual Suspects: