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Chicks and their Polls: Comin' round the mountain

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Boy, that home stand was pretty darn respectable. What's also respectable is the new PK status (23rd in the league and climbing), Varlamov's improved stats (.905 sv%, 2.84 GAA), and the new standings (3 points out of 8th in the Western Conference). We've seen the defense contribute on both ends of the ice, Ryan O'Reilly bust out as a serious offensive threat, and the team realizing hockey games have three 20-minute periods. Oh, and a three-game winning streak? Yeah, I'll take it.

While this is all certainly a reason to smile, it makes you wonder if it's a sign the Avalanche have turned the corner on this season, showing us - and them - the team we really have, or if it's just a good stretch of games that don't really mean much in the grand scheme of things.