Reasons to be cheerful

I think it's fair to say that there is a little disappointment around our team this year. With some big additions on the blue line and in goal, I think it's fair to say that we were expecting a bit more than what we are getting. It's starting to look a bit grim:

The Avs failed to extend their 3 game winning streak with a big 6-0 loss against Vancouver.

Stastny, Wilson, Mueller, Olver injured and Porter suspended (possibly) and we face Calgary tonight. The team that laid last year's St Valentine's Day massacre on us.

Humping the cap floor like it's a Playboy bunny.

Less than average record (13-14-1)

Colorado currently sit 12th in the Western Conference and 21st in the league.

If Calgary beat Colorado tonight, they will overtake Colorado with a game in hand.

However: All is not lost! Follow me over the jump to turn those frowns upside down

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic:

1. Ryan O'Reilly - I love this guy. His play has improved at a geometric pace, year on year. I adore his work ethic and his grit and determination, yet he is as humble as they come. Did anyone else hear his 1st star interview after the Detroit game? I think it was Kyle Keefe(?) who said something like "Can you hear this crowd? They love you!" and O'RLY said "I love them too," and the crowd went nuts :). Oh and schooling Datsyuk with some takeaways. Priceless.

I want him to be captain when the Duke retires.

2. TJ Galiardi - His GWG against Detoilet. What a rocket! I have seen that goal about ten times now and it never gets old. It was kinda like, with that shot, he said "look, just fuck off Detroit." I hope we can see a resurgence of Galiardicus, because he was phenomenal against SJ.

3. Stefan Elliott - Not having seen him play in LEM, I didn't know what to expect. A very smart D-man with an offensive upside. Oh and he's only a foetus, so he has loads of time to improve even more. Great!

4. Jan Hejda/Erik Johnson - Despite that awful drubbing by Vancouver, their +/- is dropping. Now they're only -28. Not that +/- is a great barometer, but it is a useful indicator.

5. Ryan "Mack Truck" Wilson - I have been mightily impressed with his play this year. As the bendy songstress Shakira warbled, his hips don't lie. Single handedly bringing the hipcheck back into fashion and no chance of a Shanaban with those devastating strikes.

6. The Can - Last few games, it seems that the Can has been pretty rowdy and I think that it energised the Avs, especially when every little semi-breakaway gets a huge roar of excitement. This is a great improvement and I like it.

7. The PK - Despite languishing around 80%, the PK has gotten really good. The early season horrors of the PK seem to have been worked out and the Avs have turned around a PK that was easy pickings into an arid hunting ground for opposing teams.

8. Humping the cap floor - We're not Columbus or Anaheim with their inflated payrolls and poor win returns for those investments. Similarly, we are not Calgary with their aged team, nor Minnesota with their dull, dull, dull team. Oh wait.....Ahem, moving on....

9. Stable management - We have management that is fluid financially and stable. Hopefully, the Avs will never go bankrupt or relocate. Two very big problems that the Avs have avoided. Even a crappy team is better than no team at all. Just ask Atlanta.

10. Money - Thanks to Enos' frugality, there is little chance of us "doing a Blackhawks" and splitting up a winning and successful team. There is actually money in the coffers to pay our core players what they are worth and keep the team intact. I personally don't want to see ROR or Duchene being sold to Vancouver or Pittsburgh, thanks.

So there we have it. Ten reasons why we should be cheerful about the future, despite the up/downs on the ice. is a fan community, allowing members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Colorado Avalanche and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editors of