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Daily Cupcakes of Doom: February 10th, 2011

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In case you missed it, shocker, the Avalanche are hit by the injury bug again. Adam Foote was benched last night with a leg concussion and Kyle Cumiskey left the game early with an apparent head injury.


Cumiskey was in the starting lineup and played five shifts before leaving.
Cumiskey missed 34 games earlier this season because of a concussion.

 UPDATE from Dater:

I’ve just learned at this late hour that Galiardi has suffered a wrist injury. I do not know if it’s to the same wrist he broke earlier this season. More tomorrow.

I think it's time for some four letter words.


More updates about Marc Savard

The Bruins were in a similar position last season when Savard was knocked out and they needed to be replaced. What is the only difference this year? The trade deadline has not yet passed. Last year, when Savard went down with an injury two days after the trade deadline, the Bruins had to fill the gap from within the organization.

This year, especially with Toronto’s first round draft pick belonging to them, the Bruins have the option of trading for talent to fill the void.


OKay, maybe Steve Moore wasn't paralyzed but it was Damn near closer to that than I wanted it to be. Jeremy Roenick brings up valid points.

"Somebody is going to get paralyzed in the league and then where are the suspensions and the fines going to come from," Roenick asked the OTR panel. "I got suspended two games and fined $90,000 for throwing a water bottle that hit the ice and Matt Cooke takes somebody's life into consideration and hits him from behind.