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Game Racap 57: Flames 9, Avalanche 1

I don't really know what to say here. This may just be the nadir of the Avalanche as an organization to this point. The worst losing streak in team history and now the most goals ever given up by the team in a single game. Compounded by the fact that one of the best and most loved players ever to play abruptly retired after a too short comeback. What a miserable day.

As for the game, the Flames started off quick, scoring eighteen seconds in, and just kept rolling. Everything was atrocious tonight for the Avs. Luck played a part but the team is just incapable of playing defense.  Goaltending was bad. Budaj tried but caught some bad breaks and had a poor game. Anderson doesn't even seem to care anymore. The Flames weren't even trying after the first and still managed to score four more. Sacco doesn't seem to have any answers, pulling Budaj twice and Anderson once. He also called a timeout after Calgary went up 3-0, which accomplished nothing. Winnik scored the lone goal when Porter's pass bounced off him.

A couple of notes:  Dupuis was ejected for a knee on knee hit but it didn't look like an attempt to injure to me. I doubt he'll be suspended. Duchene injured his wrist. Not sure how bad it was but he went to the locker room right after he sustained it and didn't come back.