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Daily Cupcakes: February 15th

Alright folks that one hurts, or at least it hurt me. So what can I do to help? How about share some yummy Cupcakes?  The first one comes from ChopChopChop who made a rare appearance to the GDT last night (Have I mentioned that I miss you in the GDTs?)

The Avs are having a rough day, but so is Optimus Prime. He got a parking ticket! Not much to quote, just go for the pic and giggles. Mmmk?

Here are some famous (literary quotes)  one liners and slightly longer to help you hit on someone.

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."

I, errr, I've got nothing else. Feel free to share happy stories here Boys and Girls. Happy, fluffy, cheery Cupcakes shall be had.