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24 Questions Going Forward

Twenty-four embarrassing clusterfucks games left in the season.  I figured with all the issues surrounding this team that there had to be 24 questions we could come up with for discussion purposes.  I know, lists are pretty low-effort, and I ask: Have you watched the team lately? (DISCLAIMER: I wrote this Tuesday morning, so if the Avs came out like gang-busters and put on a clinic of effort and will against the injury-riddled Pens, I redact about 34.8% of the above snark.) So in an effort to stop looking back, let's look forward...

  1. Will we ever see the bang-bang dance again, or has it gone the way of the Dodo?
  2. Will either of the two goalies currently alternating ballcaps every period be wearing Burgundy and Frostbite Blue next season?
  3. Will Dr. Jones move his practice?
  4. At what point does this season enter "Never Happened" mode?
  5. Are we going to blow the roof off of the Pepsi Center on Peter Forsberg Night (hopefully next season with mucho MHH attendence)?
  6. Is Adam Foote done?
  7. Is the solution to the blueline problems in the system or are the pieces in the system trade bait?
  8. If Brandon Yip is traded, will anyone ever wear #18 in Colorado again?
  9. Given this team's injury history, should Tomas Fleischmann be re-signed this summer?
  10. What will you do if the Avalanche are complete sell-outs sellers at the deadline (e.g. only picks and prospects coming back)?
  11. Is Joe Sacco on the hot seat?
  12. Do we have an active owner yet?
  13. What happened to Cody McLeod?
  14. What will be closer next season: the salary cap or the salary floor?
  15. If John-Michael Liles/Ryan O'Byrne and Kyle Quincey/Kevin Shattenkirk are your top 4 d-men next season, who are the bottom two?
  16. Do the Avs get Joey Hishon on the roster out of training camp next season?
  17. If Cameron Gaunce and Jonas Holos are ready for NHL duty, what happens to Ryan Wilson?
  18. Is Kevin Porter tendered a RFA contract?  For NHL or AHL duty? Why?
  19. Does anybody else think the Joe Sakic shrine in the lockerroom is a little creepy?
  20. What's the over/under on total man-games lost to injury at the end of the season?
  21. Is Chris Stewart overpaid?
  22. What could we do better here at MHH for the rest of the season?
  23. Is Milan Hejduk going to hang them up?
  24. Is mediocrity all we have to look forward to next season?