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A MHH Look at the Avalanche at the Deadline, Part Two, Electric Boogaloo

So what does the MHH team think about who mught not make the February 28th cutoff for the defensive corps or goalies? Read on.

Peter Budaj

#31 / Goalie / Colorado Avalanche



Sep 18, 1982

2010 - Peter Budaj 32 1744 12 12 93 3.20 881 788 .894 1

DDC-As I mentioned the other day, I think the acquisition of Brian Elliott signals the beginning of the end of the Budaj era in Colorado. I don't believe either Budaj or Elliott project out to be starters in Denver next year, which would seem to make Budaj the odd man out. Whether he's moved at the deadline (perhaps as part of a deal to bring a starter in) or walks this summer remains to be seen.

Beachie - He’s a back up goaltender, not a number one, as we all know. The Avs have just acquired another clear back up. Why have two? I believe there’s a team interested in Budaj, and the Avs needed another young back up goaltender to take his place in case Pickard isn’t up to speed for next season. Since they knew they weren’t going to re-sign Anderson, why not get that back up now by trading an asset they knew wouldn’t be there in two months? If Pickard is ready to go, expect Elliott gone as well. In the meantime, I believe the Avs already have their eyes on a new number one. (Vokoun. When.)

Sandie- The acquisition of Brian Elliott makes it clear to me that Peter Budaj is in the hot seat. At the beginning of the year I would have said that Budaj would be a lifelong member of the Avalanche. Now, it seems, that is in jeopordy. Since I heard about the moving of Craig Anderson (was that really only a  few days ago), I have had a feeling the Budaj will be traded in a package move to bring a starter into Denver.


Kyle Cumiskey

#10 / Defenseman / Colorado Avalanche



Dec 02, 1986

G A P +/- PIM
2010 - Kyle Cumiskey 1 7 8 -3 10


Beachie-  This is a guy that I think the Avs wanted to let go, but because of injuries, poor play and contract situations, it’s just not going to happen this year. Cumiskey’s head makes him invaluable.

Sandie- If it wasn't for the repeated head injuries they may have wanted to move him, but no team will be willing to take that chance this year.



John-Michael Liles

#4 / Defenseman / Colorado Avalanche



Nov 25, 1980

G A P +/- PIM
2010 - John-Michael Liles 6 30 36 -7 29

DDC- It seems like every year we think that Liles may get moved at the deadline, but I think this may finally be the year. The Avalanche are retooling and he represents one of their best assets in one of the few areas the Avalanche have depth at: offensive-minded defensemen. Ironically, I think Liles would get a huge boost from playing with Erik Johnson, but I fear that PP union may be short-lived. The list of teams who would be interested in Liles' services at the deadline is a fairly long one, but I think he'd be a terrific fit in Nashville, where he and Shea Weber could be a devastating point combo.

Beachie-  of all the defensemen, Liles has the most value (besides Johnson of course) and would net the biggest return. However, between his still sizeable contract and the veteran leadership he provides, I don't think he's going to be on the block this season.

Sandie- I'm with Beachie on this one. I don't think Liles will be traded this year. I don't think his contract will scare teams away, however, I think that the Avalanche are seeing what he can give. I also think that during the 10 game slide the Avalanche managment are investigating the players a little more thouroughly than in the past, looking at how they react, if they give up and how they act in the lockerroom (which is why I think Ryan O`Reilly is safe). Liles is a guy who hasn't given up.

Ryan Wilson

#44 / Defenseman / Colorado Avalanche



Feb 03, 1987

G A P +/- PIM
2010 - Ryan Wilson 3 8 11 -1 41

DDC-  Ryan Wilson - Personally, I'm not in any rush to see the Mack Truck on another team. But, I think the Avs still might have some tweaking to do on the blueline and Wilson is one of the few non-untouchables with any trade value (no, folks, teams aren't lining up acquire Kyle Cumiskey).

Beachie- I go back and forth on this one. He would bring some decent talent, but he also has the size the team needs to balance those PMDs. I really can see this going either way.

Sandie- The last few games have, for me, given me an inkling that Wilson will not be going anywhere this year at the Trade Deadline. Could he be moved? Of course. But it goes back to hearing that management is looking at how each guy is handling the streak. Wilson has been playing with heart, as physical as he has been all season, and even getting into scraps. I think the physicality as well as his attitude will keep him here this season.