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Game 60 Preview: New Colorado Avalanche Vs Old Colorado Avalanche


The blizzardpocalypsezilla that wiped out the first attempt to play this game seems so, so long ago. The Avalanche were struggling at that point, and, as you may have heard, haven't won a game since then. I don't need to tell you that it's been ugly. I also don't need to tell you that Chris Stewart (still wearing #25) and Kevin Shattenkirk (now wearing #12) will probably tear things up tonight. 

For the Avalanche, there are two topics of positive news. One, it's been a solid three days since any other young players have been traded away to aid in the "rebuilding process". And, two, Matt Duchene is listed as probable for tonight. As in, it's probable that he's going to lose. Yeah, that was uncalled for, I know.

Go Avs!

Colorado      St Louis  
 25th  57  Points  21st  63 
 9th  2.88  GF/G  14th  2.76 
 30th  3.42  GA/G  19th  2.88 
 12th  18.7  PP%  21st  16.8 
 28th  77.4  PK%  19th  81.0 
 18th  29.9  S/G  19th  29.7 
 20th  31.3  SA/G  4th  28.2 
 21st  49.7  FO%  25th  48.4 
 18th  12.7  PIM/G  28th  15.3 
 Duchene  47 pts  Top Scorer  Backes  45 pts