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Daily Cupcakes: February 22nd, 2011




Erik Johnson talks about the trade.


"The peaceful energy around here helps out," Johnson said with a grin.

So did a chat with Blues general manager Doug Armstrong, who reassured the rugged defenceman it was nothing personal.

"He said, 'This is a thing where you have to give up something of great quality to get something of great quality. This is no reflection of what we saw in you as a person or a player,'" Johnson recounted. "I totally understand."


More talks about the tradeadline.

The problem this season is that there are only a few teams (Edmonton, Colorado Avalanche, New York Islanders, Ottawa, Toronto, Florida) who are out of playoff contention, with several on the fence.

"Any time you’ve got a market with lots more buyers than sellers, you’re dealing with a lot of price inflation," said Minnesota Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher,


A good article over at the Copper and Blue regarding the trade deadline. He talks about the rumors that accompany this time of year.

Nailing a trade rumor is akin to breaking the biggest scoop in hockey - in the rush to be the first, fans will repeat a rumor sourced from anywhere. Combine a couple of hundred thousand rumor-mongering fans and the NHL trade deadline makes the National Enqurier seem like the New Yorker.