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Game 61 Preview: Edmonton Oilers at Colorado Avalanche


Well now we've won a game. The drought is over. No time to celebrate as Avalanche Kryptonite rolls into Denver tonight to see if they can stomp out our excitement. Edmonton comes into town having won 3 of their last 4 but, just like us, are coming off a game last night, albeit a less successful one than ours. No "but I am le tired" excuses allowed, boys.

With the Avs losing like mad crazy over the past month, we've slipped closer to Edmonton in the standings than to a playoff spot. Nobody really likes being compared to the baddie in the bottom so if we can continue to see the team we saw last night, 2 points is exactly what we should get out of this. Hopefully karma doesn't come back and strike the Avs down simply because I've taken to mocking Edmonton constantly every time I have to write about them.

Instead of mocking them today, though, I'm going to reach out to the MHH community and ask you guys find a way to equal your efforts from yesterday's phenomenal teamwork to post my favorite gameday thread pic to date. If y'all can do that, the Avs can't lose. If you fail, the Avs fail. Pressure's on, Photochoppers.

Go Avs ;D


Colorado      Edmonton  
 24th  59 Points  30th 46
 10th  2.95
GF/G  28th  2.52
 30th  3.42  GA/G  29th  3.36
 10th  18.7  PP%  30th  12.4
 28th  77.2
PK%  29th  76.0 
 20th  29.8 S/G  29th  26.3
 21st  31.6
SA/G  23rd  31.7
 20th  49.8 FO%  30th  44.0
 16th  12.5 PIM/G  27th  15.1
 Stastny  48 pts  Top Scorer  Hemsky  40 pts