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The Future is Unwritten

I recently was forced to take a temporary break from my MHH duties/honors/privileges/condemnations, because I spoke ill of the red wings in front of DDC at a Tea Party rally (in my defense, Datsyuk does look like a vampire, and not the cutesy Twilight kind either).The last article I posted was back on January 11th when the Avs were a much different team - both in terms of personnel and quality of play. Hopefully my triumphant return to MHH will kick the Avalanche right where they need it and we'll get a win in Saturday's matinee. Anyway, here's what I came back to ramble about: As of right now, according to, the Avs have just 13 current roster players signed for next year.

C: Stastny, Duchene, McClement, O'Reilly

RW: Yip,

LW: Mueller, Mcleod, Winnik

D: Liles, Quincey, Johnson, Gaunce and Holos

G: .....

Other people is the system signed on for next year include the deep and talented core of: Olver, Cann, Mike Carman, Zach Cohen, Joel Chouinard, and Luke Walker (note: I like Chouinard as a call up next year when everyone is out with vagina concussions).

From one hole to another.....

Obviously, the gaping hole at Left Wing is still hideous, but right wing is now even worse. I know Mueller plays both sides (not that there's anything wrong with that), but still, the wings are as empty as a Detroit vacation resort.

It doesn't get much better on D, with only 3 of those 5 fellas boasting considerable NHL experience.

But nowhere does it get any worse than in net. It appeared the Avs had their goaltending situation secured for at least awhile with Andy in net, but he and his cheery attitude have gone the way of the buffalo.

So, what the hell is going on and what the blerg do the Avalanche do? It's not a question of "if" the Avalanche will make more moves, it's just of question of "who, what, where, when, why, Wolski, and please stop the bleeding".

Don't stop, keep reading!

Who do the Avs keep? Are any of these RFAs really a necessity anymore? RFAs: Galiardi, Porter, Stoa, Jones, Dupuis, Hunwick, O'Bryne, Cumiskey, Wilson, Elliot. My Keepers: Galiardi, Jones, O'Byrne. Everyone else is forgettable. Sad but true. Elliot will probably stay because the Avs need someone to back up Vokoun, I'd rather it were Budaj than Elliot, but the Budaj train might be sailing this summer - if not sooner.

What about UFAs you ask? Well what about them: Hejduk, Fleischmann, Koci (NO!), Foote, Budaj, Grahame. Hejduk should only ever where Burgundy and Blue. I'd also like to see Flash rebound, and the Avs can probably sign him for a blood clot bargain.

In summation, the future of the Avalanche is perhaps murkier than ever. The next 4 days will tell us a lot about what the future holds, but it would appear a solid 12 forwards, 6 defenseman and even 1 goalie, line up is cowering behind a distant horizon. Here's a Stephen Crane poem to tide you over till we reach said horizon (question: are the Avs the horizon, the man in pursuit, or the story teller? Jack Handy would be troubled....).

I saw a man pursuing the horizon;
Round and round they sped.
I was disturbed at this;
I accosted the man.
"It is futile," I said,
"You can never-"
"You lie," he cried,
And ran on.