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Unexpected (well, sort of) trade movement for the Avs

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Well, it seems the Avalanche will be seeing some new faces around the watering hole. Don't worry; all that hullabaloo about Paul Stastny being traded to the Maple Leafs is just the result of a bunch of rumor mongers stirring up trouble. The annual whispers about John-Michael Liles however? There may be a few thousand hearts breaking all over Denver tonight.

Liles isn't the only guy suffering this fate, though. It appears to have befallen Kevin Porter as well. In addition, I hope you haven't bought a Ryan O'Reilly unipron recently. I doubt you've invested in a Matt Hunwick third, so you're safe there. Crazy, crazy day, one that just might give Avs fans nightmares for a long, long time. Details after the jump.

Do you think the male model will actually become a male model in LA? He certainly has the smile for it. He and Porter will be able to soak up some sun this summer, so maybe Johnny can get a tan to help the cause. People have voiced a lot of opinions about Jack Johnson (me included), but it's time to start pondering the idea of having both he and Erik on the same team. Let the argument about which Johnson is bigger commence. Liles + Porter = Johnson + a third pick in the 2011 draft. Discussions about the winner of that trade will be heated, for sure. So what could Jack Johnson possibly bring to the Avs that would make Sherman sign that deal? Well, he's a big guy who isn't afraid to throw the body around. He can really be a game-changer when he wants to be. He's got a big shot - which we could use on the 2nd PP unit, putting Johnson #1 on the first - and he's not too shabby of a skater. He's yet another left-handed shot, though; he could be paired with Jonas Holos, but that's a questionable solution. Whatever happens, this road trip should be interesting as the Kings just played the Ducks yesterday, and the Avs are facing both of them over the next couple of days.

Losing O'Reilly? Ouch. I've always said this would be a mistake, and it would bite us in the end. But if it did have to happen, it's better it happen with an Eastern Conference team like the Maple Leafs (wrong center hitting the rumor wire, apparently). The curse of the ex-Avs will clearly strike its head again. Though he has been playing better of late, I suspect a lot of folks don't care if Hunwick stays or goes. I guess the interest must have focused on O'Reilly, but he wasn't enough on his own. Sticking to some aspect of rebuilding, the management is holding on to their up-and-coming prospects. Is Phil Kessel worth those two? I know, pretty much sounds like a joke to me, too. I've no idea why the Avs would need yet another right winger who thinks he's a top-sixer but really belongs on the third line.

Anyway, lots to talk about here. Enjoy your Friday. I know I'm going to be drinking a shit load tonight. I suspect there are more than a few of you that will be doing that too.

UPDATE: Word's out that Sacco is indeed leaving Denver. No news on who's going to replace him. Step one: Blow up team; Step two: start over; Step thre...didn't we just do this??

Legal Disclaimer: Everything you have just read is pure conjecture with absolutely no factual support nor reliable sources. The speculation is based purely on observations of the interactions between the coaches and players during games and the alleged scouts that were present. In no way does this information confirm any of the actual trade transactions that may or may not have been set forth by the Colorado Avalanche, Los Angeles Kings, or Toronto Maple Leafs, nor does it suggest the possibility that such transactions occurred or might be occurring in the future. The ideas expressed here do not necessarily represent those of Mile High Hockey, SBNation or the managing editors of either entities.