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Daily Cupcakes: February 25th, 2010


A look into some Avalanche prospects:


The Colorado Avalanche continue to boast a plethora of offensive talent along the blueline despite recently trading a pair of highly-touted young prospects in Kevin Shattenkirk and Colby Cohen. The Avalanche are also strong in goal but are weak on the offensive front, particularly on the wings.

1. (3) Joey Hishon, C, 7.5C


A look into the Trade Deadline programing (Wait, does American television do this? Have eight hours of trade talks?)

Specialty sports channels are ecstatic the year is not 1983.

National Hockey League trade deadline day back then saw a grand total of one deal — Ken Solheim sent to Detroit from Minnesota for future considerations.

With double-digits in broadcast hours dedicated to breaking the deals, churning out the rumours and analyzing the trades, the hope is the trend of the past few years — where transactions eclipse the 40 mark — continues.


Adam Foote talking about retirement

"I've been down the stretch of my career the last three years," he said, laughing. "I've been on the back nine for a while. Of course I am, that's obvious. I said I wouldn't even think of things like (retirement) until the end of the season. I want to do my job and get back in the lineup and try to help this team go in the right direction and keep being professional and play hard."

As a side note the article mentions that Ryan O`Byrne will need to wear a full face shield upon his return


Toronto Sun talks about how because player salaries are increasing at a younger age it changes when they are being traded.

All the young players we’ve seen traded these past few days has brought back ‘the hockey deal.’

It’s partly a byproduct of players receiving pricy contracts when they’ve finished entry-level deals.

Years ago, when players finished their entry-level contracts and didn’t have arbitration rights, they didn’t have the big-ticket deals.


Because there are fewer sellers, the Avalanche might be able to make "good" deals this year.

Is anyone else wondering what they're going to do for excitement on deadline day?

Usually you can count on a few teams being desperate enough to liven things up, but this time nobody seems willing to wait for it. There have already been 21 deals involving 43 players and 17 draft picks this month, which has made this the most active in-season trade market since the lockout.