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Game 62 Preview: Colorado Avalanche at Los Angeles Kings


Happy Weekend, everyone. The Avalanche are in action today and tomorrow on the West Coast...and it's possible some of the Avs on the trip wont be returning with the club on Monday. Heck, it's possible they pull a Jose Cardenal and stay in the LA area - the Avs and Kings are two teams who've been mentioned together in trade rumors. The Kings, of course, are trying to bolster for a playoff run. The Avs...we're not really sure what they are doing.

Brian Elliott is in net.

 Colorado  Los Angeles
 26th  59  Points  11th  72 
 8th  2.87  GF/G  20th  2.67 
 30th  3.44  GA/G  4th  2.36 
 10th  18.8  PP%  20th  16.9 
 29th  76.6  PK%  6th  84.6 
 18th  30  S/G  23rd  29 
 21st  31.5  SA/G  2nd  27.7 
 20th  49.9  FO%  10th  50.6 
 16th  12.4  PIM/G  15th  12.0 
 Duchene / Stastny  48 pts  Top Scorer  Kopitar  58 pts