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Daily Cupcakes - Trade deadline edition

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Well, as of today it's going to be a new team, so it may as well be new graphics too. My thanks go to Bababouy for doing this! :) I think it looks great!

Let's start with the TDL stuff?

Firstly, if you haven't read Dater's blog today. Do it. Now... I'll wait. Did you read it? It made me sad. I'll be honest.

This was Liles, well after the game, when most teammates were already getting dressed from tonight’s loss: slumped back in his chair, his chin propped up by his left hand, lost in thought. A guy who seemed to have be elsewhere mentally and, frankly, depressed, despite having one of the coolest jobs in the world. I could relate, though our paychecks were always different.

Toronto Sun is quoting AD

Adrian Dater puts the odds of a Stastny trade at "zero", but he doesn't rule out the possibility of the Avalanche trading away defenseman John-Michael Liles.

And in a separate article still by the Toronto Star talking about what it's like for a few of the players

"I’m sure it affects some guys. You see guys flying all over the league. Some guys get caught up in it."

Sarich isn’t one of them, but plenty do get glued to the TV. Some are wondering their own fates.

"It’s probably pretty stressful if you know you’re going to be a guy that’s gonna get moved on that day," Bourque said. "Especially if you have a game."

Chris Stewart has a small quote about being in the Blues Lockerroom.

"I was coming off an injury but [the Blues] played me with some great players and things started to happen," Stewart said. "I feel like I’m back where I was at the beginning of the year, feeling good and ready to go."

It comes as no surprise that if a player is in a drought they will end that against the Avalanche. The latest recipient is Todd Marchant.

Todd Marchant snapped a 70-game goal drought, Brandon McMillan got the go-ahead score during a 4-minute power play with 8:37 remaining, and the Anaheim Ducks ended a five-game losing streak with a 3-2 victory over the Colorado Avalanche on Sunday.

This is a crazy stat. And the fact is that it is like this for a lot of the teams in the NHL now is even crazier.

Answer - David Moss, Mikael Backlund, Mark Giordano.

Question - Which active members of the Calgary Flames have never been traded? Like, ever.

Jeepers. Three does seem rather low.

Yes, yes it does seem low... and I know you, yes you, and I know that some of you were thinking, "Hey, how are the Avs doing it with their whole 'build from within' plan", well I've got that information for you! That's right, I went all the way over to and took a closer look. Now the information isn't complete and I just did this based on who the Avalanche have listed on the roster, if I missed anyone I'm sorry, please feel free to add it into the comments.

The players who have been with the Avalanche from their beginnings in the NHL.

  1. Milan Hejduk - drafted by the Nordiques (1994- 87th overall)
  2. John-Michael Liles - drafted by the Avalanche (2000- 159th overall)
  3. Peter Budaj- drafted by the Avalanche (2001 - 63rd overall)
  4. David Jones- drafted by the Avalanche (2003- 288th overall)
  5. Brandon Yip - drafted by the Avalanche (2004- 239th overall)
  6. Paul Stastny- drafted by the Avalanche ( 2005 - 44th overall)
  7. Ryan Stoa - drafted by the Avalanche (2005- 34th overall)
  8. Kyle Cumiskey - drafted by the Avalanche (2005 - 222nd overall)
  9. Cody McLeod- signed as a Free Agent by the Avalanche in 2006
  10. T.J. Galiardi- drafted by the Avalanche (2007 -55th overall)
  11. Cameron Gaunce - drafted by the Avalanche ( 2008 - 50th overall)
  12. Jonas Holøs- drafted by the Avalanche ( 2008- 170th overall)
  13. Matt Duchene- drafted by the Avalanche (2009 - 3rd overall)
  14. Ryan O`Reilley - drafted by the Avalanche (2009- 33rd overall)

    The in-betweeners

    1. Philippe Dupuis- has only played for the Avs but was drafted by Columbus (with Darcy Campbell) for Mark Rycroft.
    2. Ryan Wilson- has only played for the Avs but was acquired from Calgary (with Lawrence Nycholat and a 2nd round pick in the 2009 draft for Jordan Leopold)

    Those who haven't

    1. Tomas Fleischmann- latest trade involved him coming over from the Washington Capitals.
    2. David Koci - most notable year was going from the Lighting to the Blues, only to be reclaimed by the Lightning (2009)
    3. Jay McClement- most recently coming over from the St-Louis Blues
    4. Peter Mueller - from the Phoenix Coyotes (along with Kevin Porter) for Wojtek Wolski
    5. Ryan O`Byrne - from Les Canadiens de Montreal
    6. Kevin Porter - from Phoenix (with Peter Mueller) for Wojtek Wolski
    7. Kyle Quincey- from the Los Angeles Kings (with Tom Preissing and LA's 5th round pick in 2010) for Ryan Smyth
    8. Daniel Winnik- from the Phoenix Coyotes for a fourth round pick in 2012 (Yeah, FOURTH round)
    9. Erik Johnson- from the St-Louis Blues
    10. Matt Hunwick- from Boston Bruins
    11. Adam Foote - the trade that is still talked about in Columbus - for a conditional first round pick in 2008 or 2009 and a conditional fourth round pick in 2009
    12. Brian Elliott - from the Ottawa Senators

    So, maybe the Avs really are on a "building from within kick" and that they have been doing this for much longer than we thought. So here's hoping the guys can stay safe!