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Does Forsberg Know Something We Don't Know?

Riddle me this: Is Peter Forsberg coming back to have a swan song OR is Foppa hoping his return will be a genuine catalyst to propel Colorado into the playoffs?

I wonder if during the last few weeks management has given him some assurances one or the other. If the second scenario is Forsberg's thinking, has management made any assurances that they'll address the glaring weaknesses on the blueline at the upcoming trade deadline in order to give him the best chance at a post-season appearance? Or has management told him that the rebuild is on and he should go out on his own terms with little pressure since the Avs' post-season slips away with every goal against?

Say what you will about me being a curmudgeon or hating the Avalanche, but given his age and injury track record, isn't either scenario equally likely? Do you think the organization would lie to him or refuse to give him an inkling of what they were discussing as the trade deadline approaches? My money is that NOTHING happens on the trade deadline and that this is Forsberg's last stab at going out on his own terms. Management made moves earlier in the season to address injuries. Now, with this signing, they've addressed ticket sales. Why deviate from the company line re: rebuild?