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Daily Cupcakes: March 10th, 2011

Stewie got the game winner in overtime for the Blues last night

It's way too early to declare a winner in the Feb. 19 trade between the Colorado Avalanche and the St. Louis Blues.

But the Columbus Blue Jackets think they know who got the best of the deal.

Chris Stewart flicked in a backhander 54 seconds into overtime to cap a Blues comeback for a 4-3 victory over the Blue Jackets on Wednesday night.

An ex-Avalanche and Nordiques is eligble to get into the HHoF this year.

Lambton County's Dale Hunter and Pat Verbeek are among first-year eligible former NHL players for 2011 induction in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The annual meeting of the selection committee will be in Toronto on June 28 to select and announce 2011 inductees.

Avs fans aren't the only ones keeping track of the tank, the Atlanta writer seems a little bitter at the Avs. I'd rather be able to watch a team get more than 1 win out of 17 games than see them tank, thanks.

Had the Colorado Avalanche found a way to knock off the Minnesota Wild last night, instead of losing 5-2,then we’d be looking at only being just three points ahead of the 28th place team in the league. Or, as some would say, three points away from having at least a chance at winning the number-one overall pick.

Ouch Max Pacioretty is not sitting pretty, and he's angry.

"I don't know all the medical terms but they're working on stuff with my artery and they won't release me for awhile. They're thinning my blood and they want to make sure there's no bleeding from the brain and they have to watch for blood clots. I think next week they'll deal with the neck (fractured vertebrae). It's sore right now.