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Hockey Trivia Friday

A new feature might be getting introduced, if you like it. Hockey Trivia Friday. Enjoy.

Question 1
In the 1942- 1943 NHL season, the NHL had to stop having regular season overtime due to World War II. In what season did the NHL re-introduce the 5 minute overtime?

a) 1965-66

b) 1983-84

c) 1957-58

Question 2

Jacques Plante is known to be one of the first few goalies to wear a mask. However, he was one of the first goalies to do what else?

a) Skate behind the net to play the puck

b) To raise his arm to let defenders know that an icing call would happen

c) both a and b

Question 3

In what year did the NHL have playoffs, but no NHL team recevie a Stanley Cup?

a) 1918-19

b) 1963-64

c)  1939-40

Question 4

What year was the Hockey Hall of Fame established?

a) 1925

b) 1943

c) 1957

Question 5

In what year did the NHL make helmets mandatory?



c) 1997