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Game 67 Preview: Anaheim Ducks at Colorado Avalanche


Sorry, for the half-assed preview today. I kind of forgot I had to write this tonight and I'm just about to sit down with the mrs to catch up on Glee.

So, the Avalanche host the Anaheim Ducks tonight. If it feels like the Ducks are always getting the upper hand lately, it's because they have - Anaheim has won 12 of the last 14 regular season meetings. The Ducks rank 17th in the league in scoring, but they have 5 guys with more points than our leading scorer (Stastny), including 2 30-goal scorers.Still, for whatever reason I feel good about this one. So...

Go Avs!

Colorado Anaheim
28th 60 Points 18th 74
12th 2.79 GF/G 17th 2.72
30th 3.46 GA/G 6th 2.42
10th 18.8 PP% 18th 16.9
30th 76.5 PK% 11th 83.6
20th 29.6 S/G 17th 30.0
21st 31.7 SA/G 10th 29.3
21st 49.9 FO% 28th 47.1
18th 13.2 PIM/G 26th 14.6
Stastny 52 pts Top Scorer Perry 71 pts