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Game 67 Recap: Uh, What do you think happened?

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Ducks and Avalanche tonight. My son has 3 friends over for a sleepover / wrestling melee housebreaking match, so my wife and I are seeking refuge in the living room. Hopefully, the Avalanche are more enjoyable than a bunch of crazy 9-year olds.

Lines tonight:

Porter, Stastny, Jones.

Yip, Duchene, Hekduk

McLeod, O'Reilly, Winnik

Koci, McClement. Dupuis

Wilson, Johnson

Foote, Holos.

Hunwick, O'Byrne

At least that's according to Altitude. Although it's a home game so that's probably semi-accurate

1st Period

19:00 The Altitude rave about 40-year old Teemu Selanne. My wife pipes in sarcastically "not that that's old". She'll get her turn next year.

18:14 The Ryan O'Byrne skate slash is shown for the 1,000,000th time.

17:32 Hunwick is playing with Holos. I don't know if Altitude was wrong (again) or if Sacco & Lefevbre have already changed things up

16:23 Johnson stumbles at the blueline. He's listed as day to day with a concussion. (not really)

14:38 Wilson is paired with Foote. So, throw out the above pairings.

14:25 Standings graphics. HEY, AVS CAN STILL GET TO 92 POINTS!

13:31 Haynes: "Selanne is a finisher". Groan.

11:49 Highlight reel shot attempt between the legs by Dupuis. That was great, even if it didn't work.

11:27 Avs on PP. I have a big orange cat sitting next to me. Sorry, Stanley. Your time is nigh.

10:53 Delay of game on Ducks. 5 on 3 coming up. Oooh, I hope someone brings up Joel Quenneville.

10:52 Sacco calls a timeout. He's a big fan of using those early.

10:45 7 seconds later, Jones takes a penalty. Not even enough time to say "Quenneville"

10:07 Hejduk has a golden chance, but it dribbles past the goal line

9:46 and Hunwick fires a bullet that misses the net. Frantic, exciting...and unsuccessful. This also describes my attempts to get laid in college.

6:47 Hunwick makes a big check on some dude for the Ducks.

6:23 McLeod v Winchester.  Some rabbit punches by Winchester and both went down right away.

4:10 Altitude has created a stat called penalty minute differential - the difference between McLeod and the 2nd guy on the team in penalty minutes. Yep, it's been a long year.

:43 O'Reilly scores. Fools everyone, including the cameraman. Looks good on the replay though. Huge goal - 1-0 going into the 2nd. Hope I didn't jinx it there.

And we're good. A lead at intermission. That happens, like, never.

2nd Period

19:26 But this happens all the time. Saku Koivu scores 30 seconds in to tie it up. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

16:34 Getzlaf scores on the PP to make it 2-1. This was kind of inevitable. Avs have played a good game so far...and are losing.

15:44 4 on 4, Winchester and McLeod for unsportsmanlike jostling.

15:04 Avs tie it! David Jones is the TIE fighter, with a tip in on front. 2-2. Good game.

14:40 Geez, 3-2 Anaheim now. Getzlaf destroys Duchene, takes the puck away and dishes to Corey Perry in front. That was just unfair.

12:03 Technical problems are preventing them to go down to Kyle Keefe. Not sure I'd categorize this as a "problem"

11:15 Teams are on 4 on 4 again. Another goal explosion?

9:47 Called that. Avs get an odd-man rush and miss the net. Ducks go back the other way with an odd-man...and score. 4-2 Ducks. 4 goals in 10 minutes for the Ducks. Awesome.

9:02 Good news, though. All for Anaheim goals are "good goals" and "fun goals to watch". I can put the revolver down now.

6:53 Hejduk is hurt? Somehow I missed that.

1:56 Avs are putting some good pressure on. And Hejduk is on the bench, so I guess he's okay.

3rd Period

Okay, 2nd period was awful. Hopefully, the 3rd will work out a bit better. Who am I kidding?

19:36 Hejduk IS hurt. Done for the night with a shoulder injury. He's the last Avalanche to play all 82 games (08-09). I thought it was Hannan, to be honest.

14:54 I've officially tuned out of the game. 2 goals in 14 minutes? Unpossible.

11:34 Wilson got nailed against the boards. He takes as many big hits as he dishes out, I'd say.

10:00 Hey, 5-2 now. Visnovski fires a rifle. Maybe tipped by Bobby Ryan. FML

9:50 Preview for the Nashville game. To which my first reaction is: I have to watch this team again tomorrow? Shouldn't we have a couple days off to recover / dry out?

9:02 oh cool, Ducks are on a PP as well. They should run the Subway promo now. Fans, if the Avalanche magically score 4 goals in the final 9 minutes...

7:47...uh, make that 5 goals. Winchester makes it 6-2. He's a pure sniper, that Brad Winchester.

6:15 And they just ran the Subway promo. It's all about the timing.

5:37 "In today's National Hockey League, home ice advantage doesn't mean that much." Thanks, Mike, I think we've figured that one out.

4:57 Koci getting some 3rd period ice time, to piss off Darren Elliot

1:28 Some boos in the Pepsi Center. Or maybe they are just chanting "Bluuuuuuueberry"

And it's in the books. Avalanche lose a close one, 6-2. They played a good 20 minutes though!a