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Game 71 Preview: Colorado Avalanche at Edmonton Oilers



There's no sugar coating this. Both of these teams kind of stink. They are 29th and 30th, respectively (or 1st and 2nd best in tanking, if you prefer). With the exception of the Avs' powerplay, both teams are fairly bad at just about everything. The Avs have lost 10 straight, 19 of their last 20 and have gone 8 games without scoring more than 2 goals and 6 without stopping fewer than 4. The Oilers have lost 5 straight, having been outscored 19-4 in those 5 games. That, my friends, is an epic fail. Should be a lot of fun tonight!



Colorado     Edmonton  
29th 60 Points  30th 55
17th 2.74 GF/G  28th 2.41
30th 3.53 GA/G  29th 3.20
11th 18.6 PP%  30th 12.8
30th 76.6 PK%  28th 77.3
20th 29.6 S/G 29th 26.7
21st 31.7 SA/G 22nd 31.8
18th 50.1 FO%  30th 44.0
18th 13.1 PIM/G  28th 15.1
Duchene 54 pts Top Scorer Gagne / Hall / Hemskey 42 pts