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Daily Cupcakes: March 2

A recap of last nights' game

The Avalanche (26-30-8) had won just once in its previous 14 games, being outscored 57-24 in the process. But it was good enough to give San Jose (37-21-6) trouble on this night.

And the Phoenix saga continues. I just want it to end already. The fans and players deserve it.

Once again, sale of the Phoenix Coyotes is in jeopardy. Worse, potential buyer Matthew Hulsizer might have more lucrative options, the Phoenix Business Journal reported Tuesday.

Several more historically successful franchises in larger markets are for sale, including the Dallas Stars, and investors are being sought for still other franchises.

Yikes Forbes! This one tries to disprove Forbes.

Forbes released a list yesterday that ranked the 10 most miserable sport cities in the U.S. and Denver ranked ninth.

This one talks about the Forbes list as well

Seattle makes the top spot. It’s a city with just one national championship in 44 years of major pro sports, the 1979 Sonics of the NBA — a team that left town in 2008.