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Daily Cupcakes: March 21st, 2011

Some Johnson talk.

"I think it was more mental than anything. This is a fresh start, a chance to clear my mind, and the coaches have just let me go play," he said.

"It was my confidence. I knew I had what it took. It was just a matter of processing it the right way. Coming here, I've had the opportunity to play a lot of minutes in a lot of different situations, and it's been good for my confidence."

A recap of the Oilers/ Avs game

"It's a good feeling," Colorado coach Joe Sacco said. "To get that weight off your shoulder feels good. The players feel pretty good right now. We can take a deep breath again, go back to work and win some games, put a streak together so we can finish the season off strong."

It was also a big night for Avs goaltender Brian Elliott, who picked up his first win with Colorado since coming over in a Feb. 18 trade with Ottawa

People are constantly looking into the violence in hockey. Can you imagine what would happen if this happened in todays NHL (top ten violent acts)

1. Ted Green/Wayne Maki

Never has the NHL seen a stick-swinging duel quite like this, and in the time before helmets, no less. Maki delivered the final shot, a tomahawk chop that cracked the skull of Green, who needed three operations to save his life. With a permanent metal plate in his head,

Air Canada responds to the 15-minute cool down period a player will need to take after being hit in the head.

"It is a step in the right direction to get our national game to where it needs to be and to permit Air Canada to continue supporting NHL hockey," the airline said in a statement Friday.