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Matt Cooke Suspended For Rest Of Regular Season & 1st Round of Stanley Cup Playoffs

So I know that this isn't a story directly relating to the Avs, but it's a story that has been getting a lot of attention around the NHL.  With this kind of suspension I really think that the NHL is getting the message that it needs to send very clear messages to the players that these kinds of hits are not going to be tolerated. This suspension is also going to hit Matt Cooke right where it hurts the most, the wallet.  It's been reported that he will lose $219,512.20 in salary. Is this going to be enough to get through to Matt Cooke? If it doesn't then I don't think that he has a place in the NHL anymore.

I'm now looking to you MHH'ers, what do you think of the length of the suspension, too harsh, too lenient, or just right?