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Daily Cupcakes: March 22nd, 2011

As expected a lot of people are talking about the new concussion protocol. But this year hasn't seen the most concussions in a NHL year - yet.

we're approaching the record 109 concussions of 2000-01

But a question is brought up as well.

That said, who will be the first coach to call a referee over and say, "Hey, a player on the other team looks dazed after that collision? Shouldn't he go get checked?" My money's on Ron Wilson. Why? He nailed Teemu Selanne on an illegal stick measurement after Selanne gave him one as a gift. You've got to be ruthless during a playoff race.

Positives, people, it's all about the positives.

Colorado still may feel good about its chances Tuesday. The Avalanche have won 16 of 19 at home against Columbus (33-29-10), and had won six straight overall in the series before a 3-1 road loss Feb. 11.

A look into draft prospect Adam Larsson

One definite note is that Larsson has consistently been playing up. He rarely spends time playing in his own age bracket, but rather against those older than he. The fact that he not only holds his own but thrives in this environment is impressive to say the least. While rushing a prospect is risky, it seems to have paid off with Adam Larsson. This season he appears to really be using his body and physicality more, as evidenced by his significantly increased penalty minutes.

Stefan Elliott is a happy guy

"I’m really excited," said Elliott. "The Avalanche is a great young organization and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of that. Right now, I’m looking forward to hopefully a long playoff run with Saskatoon."

And some player reactions to the Matt Cooke suspension

"It's the talk of the dressing room every time something happens like that and it's always him. It's always the same guy," said Toronto Maple Leafs forward Clarke MacArthur, who referred to Cooke as a "dangerous player".