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Game 73 Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs at Colorado Avalanche



Everyone back on the bang bang bus. The Avalanche are rolling again, having dominated two quality opponents in a row in an overwhelming fashion (read: shootout). Tonight, they host the Toronto Maple Leafs, a team that isn't much better than the Avalanche...but one that is still in the playoff hunt (thanks Least Conference). The Leafs should be fired up; at 5 points out of 8th, they need to win most of their remaining 8 games to have any chance of a postseason berth. Both teams are going for their 3rd win in a row tonight, a feat neither has pulled off in some time. The Avs last won 3 in a row back in December, the Leafs' last 3-game streak ended on January 11th.

The Avalanche have two hot players in Matt Duchene and Mark Olver. Duchene has a point in 5 straight games (8 overall in that stretch) and Olver has 4 points in 5 games in his most recent call-up. Expect them to be paired again with Dan Winnik to form a "DO Win" line (yes, I just made that stupid name up). And, if recent play is any indication, expect them to be pretty much the only line trying very hard.




Colorado     Toronto  
28th 64 Points  22nd 76
18th 2.75 GF/G  24th 2.58
30th 3.51 GA/G  25th 2.97
11th 18.5 PP%  24th 15.8
29th 76.9 PK%  26th 78.4
20th 29.6 S/G 25th 28.9
21st 31.7 SA/G 18th 30.8
20th 50.1 FO%  13th 50.6
18th 13 PIM/G  17th 12.2
Duchene 58 pts Top Scorer Kessel / Grabovski 55 pts