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Daily Cupcakes: March 24th, 2011

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The Vancouver Canucks talk about visors after a teammate took a puck to the eye. (Please be aware there is a graphic picture at the top of the page involving Malhorta bleeding from the eye area)

Salo said while a visor offers obvious protection, he sweats a lot and the fog issue affects his vision and ability to play and moves pucks.

"I had to wear one for a year because of the metal plates I still have in my face," he said. "It just wasn't my thing."

A Leafs preview - and boy I would really like the Avs to win this one, hear that Winnik?! Wanna score another timely goal?

The Toronto Maple Leafs still have a chance to earn their first postseason berth in seven years. Beating a Colorado Avalanche team that's settling into its role as spoiler would help.

Wilson talks about the upcoming game- and he says he isn't taking the Avs as a joke.

Wilson and assistant Rob Zettler were following the game on the internet before their plane left Minneapolis on Tuesday and saw that Columbus was up by a goal with seven seconds left just as the connection went out. When they landed in Denver, the learned the Avalanche were winners.

Talking about hits to the head:

Thursday is March 24, 2011. Moore has never played a game since he was attacked seven years ago.

And Probert is dead, his life over at 45 and the brain he left to science the inarguable evidence that hits to the head – whether delivered by stanchion, as Pacioretty’s was, by elbow, as Savard’s was, by hits, as Crosby’s was, or by fists, as in the case of Probert – never, ever go away.