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Friday Trivia March 25th

As usual, no cheating. The whole point is to have fun with it!


EDIT:[Answers now after the jump]


Question 1

In the 1900's, there were three teams in the NHL that won the Stanley Cup at least three times in a row. Can you name them?

Question 2

Which hockey player has won the Stanley Cup the most amount of times as a player?


a)Henri Richard

b) Maurice Richard

c) Jean Beliveau

b) Guy Lafleur


Question 3

In 1945 the NHL changed the begining of the season so that it would start in October, before this year when did the season start?




c) January

d) Trick question, it always started in October

Question 4

Approximately how many days a year does the Stanley Cup travel?


a) 90

b) 120

c) 200

d) 250

Question 5

Names have often been misspelled as they are being engraved on the Stanley Cup. How many times was Jacques Plante's name misspelled?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5


1. Toronto, Montreal, NY Islanders

2. Henri Richard (But Beliveau has most overall with 17)

3. December

4. 250 !!!! (WOW)

5. 5