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Daily Cupcakes: March 31st, 2011




A preview for the game.

The Nashville Predators have had very little trouble with the Colorado Avalanche this season. Few teams have in the past two months.

The Predators look to boost their playoff hopes and sweep the Avalanche for the first time in franchise history when these teams meet Thursday night at the Pepsi Center.


The National Post looks into the NHLPA and visors. (gory pic at the top of page FYI)

The Hockey News tells us that, according to a survey conducted this season, 59 per cent of National Hockey League players now wear visors to protect their eyes.

And 65 per cent of NHL players under the age of 30 wear them. And an average of 13 players per NHL roster have eye protection.

Now, I actually was a math major in my first year of university and, though sadly unsuccessful at it, I can still say with reasonable conviction that each of those percentages constitutes a solid majority.


Have I mentioned that Quebec really wants a team? No, this doens't involve relocating the Oilers.

Pierre Karl Peladeau, the chairman of media giant Quebecor, has met with Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz to discuss hockey — and small-market hockey teams.

Katz invited Peladeau to chat in Katz's box at Rexall Place on Tuesday during a game between the Oilers and the Los Angeles Kings, said Martin Tremblay, Quebecor's senior adviser on special projects.


A look into prospects in the first of a multi-part series, Stefan Elliott is in the Top 50, this is for 41-50.

And it is now time for the Spring, 2011 edition of HF's ranking of the Top 50 NHL prospects. The committee charged with compiling this list looked primarily at the prospects that HF writers have ranked among the top five for each of the 30 NHL clubs, eventually whittling down the list to the final order that will be released over the next several days.