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Daily Cupcakes - March 4th, 2011

A story about the non-moves that the Colorado Avalanche did at the trade deadline

As of right now, Liles has 41 points, that is seventh in the league among defensemen. He leads the team in assists, with 35, and regularly logs about 20 minutes worth of ice time. He is incredibly valuable to this team.

His value isn't just on the ice. Liles has really become a leader on this team. This really started after he played his way out of coach Sacco's "doghouse" last year and really exploded with scoring earlier this year.

Rob Blake giving props to NHL referees.

"The thing is, when you play, no matter what penalty you get -- unless it's super obvious -- you always tend to say, 'well, that's not a penalty,' and you go to the box and you yell and you do your thing," Blake said. "When you sit in the room [in Toronto] and you watch it, the speed that it happens and the decisions that these referees make, we can sit in that room and replay it 30 times and we're not sure if it's quite an elbow or not. They make these split decisions and nine out of 10 times they're right on. So you have to credit them, the understanding and the learning they put in to do that job."

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that Ryan O`Byrne will likely play on Saturday.

Colorado Avalanche defenceman Ryan 0’Byrne, who was cut for more than 100 stitches in his cheek area by Taylor Hall’s skate blade Feb. 23, could be back for the Saturday game against the Oilers, likely wearing a facemask. The two referees that night at the Pepsi Center — Marc Joannette and Rob Martell — didn’t do O’Byrne any favours, letting the play go on for another 30 seconds or so while O’Byrne tried to stay in the play...

Some news about Craig Anderson

"I will take the fans' applause when I can get it," said Anderson, who is expected to start here tonight against the Atlanta Thrashers. "The opening welcome from the fans puts a smile on your face and makes you feel like you've kind of arrived. For me, it's just come in here and play the game I've played since I've been a kid and let the results take care of themselves. It's my job to make sure the other team doesn't get the next goal."