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Health updates for the Burgundy and Blue

Peter Mueller is done for the season. Shocker, I know! According to Dater, there was actually a chance he might have made it back, but the Avs have pulled the plug on that idea. I'm sure the fact that the team is tanking has nothing to do with it. There is hope for next season, though, as AD indicates, "there seems to be cautious optimism he’ll be back to at least try, that things have gotten better."

Ryan Stoa is also done for the season (well probably, anyway). That annoying little innard that has no intrinsic value has reared its ugly head and forced the poor guy to have an appendectomy. Recovery time for that is at least 3 weeks and given where we are in the season...I stand by my "done for it" statement. (Stick tap to 9601 for the heads up on this breaking bit of news.)

Ryan O'Byrne has begun skating on his own before practices, but he's still not projected to be back in the lineup until next week.  According to Dater, he's "sporting a dark beard that helps cover up the 100-some stitches in his cheek and chin."

As mentioned in the preview, Adam Foote is back in action. Don't expect him to be anything but his grumpy ole self, either.
"I don't think about it, because if you think about it you don't play the right way," Foote said. "You stay away from scrums, and that's not the way I play. You have to go back to battle and don't think about getting injured."

Paul Stastny mentioned it will be good to have him back in the locker room. Agreed. His veteran presence will certainly help in these dark times.

No further updates to be found on Kyle Cumiskey, Kyle Quincey, Tomas Fleischmann, TJ Galiardi, Bernie, etc. Assume they're all still suffering from their respective concussions.