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Game 65: Oilers 5, Avalanche 1

Well, another day, another stomping at the hands of the worst team in the west (though that may not be the case for long at this rate). Everything pretty much remained the status quo. The Avs let in four unanswered goals through the first two periods, the first two being power play goals. Every one was the result of some sort of defensive misplay or breakdown yet it would have been nice to see Brian Eliott make a big save or two. Down 2-0 after the first, the Avs put twenty shots on net in the second yet were only able to come up with one goal - after the Oilers had scored two more of their own. That one goal was scored by Ryan O'Reilly, which was nice, and assisted on by David Jones, who continues to be a bright spot, and John-Michael Liles who broke his previous season high for assists with thirty six. I suppose that if the Avs are going to tank they might as well tank like champs but at the moment its hard to extract any enjoyment from these games at all.