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Daily Cupcakes- March 8th, 2011

The Windsor Star has a few random bits of hockey information including a small blurb about a piece of hockey history that has re-appeared after missing for 22 years and one about the Avalanche's resident TSOB Ryan O`Byrne

"It happened so quick," said O'Byrne. "I thought 'this isn't good.' I looked at the ref as if to say 'can you see my face?' But he was watching the play. I thought, 'OK, keep playing.'"

A sad day in Avalanche history happened seven years ago today, Steve Moore's career was cut short.

It's believed Moore's claim will be the single largest civil suit involving professional athletes in Canadian legal history. A date for the litigation is expected to be set by a Toronto court next month.

"The doctors have concluded that his brain injury is permanent and he's struggling with that,"

Ryan O`Byrne is one tough man. Seriously, when people ask why I think hockey players are some of the toughest men, his name will be brought up. This is just "another one for the collection". He's sure got Tiger Blood, eh?

"The first four or five days weren't too much fun," O'Byrne said. "But I've gotten to the point where I can pretty much eat fully now."

"You see guys who have played for 20 years and their faces are pretty cut up. This is just another one for the collection."

A preview for the Avs- Wild game

"It's horrible. Not a whole lot of positives going on right now," said forward David Jones, who is tied with Milan Hejduk with a team-best four goals versus Minnesota this season. "We're trying to dig and work hard. Hopefully that can turn things around. It's not a positive place right now and it's not fun when you're losing the way we are."

The Avalanche are giving back to minor hockey Ethan O’Mailia will get the chance to hang out with the Burgundy and Blue before a game and warm up with them.

O’Mailia’s father passed away when he was a child and he has been raised by his grandparents since.

Samuelson said O’Mailia’s contribution to the Boys & Girls Club of Craig was also a deciding factor.

"We look for someone who gives back to the community and we saw that in Ethan’s job at the Boys & Girls Club," he said. "It is hard to find someone that young who can and will give back and not just be worried about what is best for them."

More about Bertuzzi- Moore. This could be interesting if the cameras are allowed.

In one of his depositions, Bertuzzi refused to answer 63 different questions. He won't be given similar latitude in court.

No doubt the names called to the witness stand in the case will include Bertuzzi, Crawford, Moore, then Canucks' general manager, Brian Burke, his successor, Dave Nonis, NHL vice-president Colin Campbell. They will be among the headliners.