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I need your help with the Nicknames and Glossary pages

It was pointed out on Monday that the Nickname and Glossary terms are slightly archaic as DDC's age must have caught up to him so I asked him about it. After getting yelled at to "Get off my lawn", he relented. Instead of letting it become another Top 19 list, I have taken it over.  After all, this site is so awesome I want it to be welcoming to new members. Maybe they’ll get that warm "cupcakes just out of the oven" feel.

Now, I've done some additions but the MHH lifestyle is so ingrained in me at this point I have stared at a guy open-mouthed when he asked me to go mini-golfing with him and his buddies. This is where you lot come in because I need a little help. If there is anything that you think should be added please let me know. Remember, this is both for nicknames and glossary terms. You guys rock!