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Daily Cupcakes: March 9th, 2011

Last night Zdeno Chara hit Max Pacioretty.

What made this hit scary was the fact that Max's head/neck hit the turnbuckle between the two benches. After a scary few minutes of watching him unconcious, being loaded on a stretcher montionless fans and spectators were told that he was able to move his arms, legs and could speak.

From the what scared me most was seeing trainers in suits and dress shoes on the ice.

Pacioretty laid face-down on the ice with his eyes closed as Canadiens trainers and medical staff immobilized him and placed him on a stretcher with his head secured to take him off the ice.

Georges Laraque weighs in on Chara as a player.

il ne fait aucun doute que le défenseur format géant n’est pas un joueur salaud.

Translated: "He (Laraque) has no doubt that the gigantic defenseman is not a dirty player"

Montreal fans were very upset by this hit.

Security guards in one section intervened to stop a developing altercation, when a livid Canadiens fan turned to a man in a Bruins jersey and screamed, "Are you proud to be wearing that?"

A recap for the game I know I'm shocked!

Andrew Brunette also tallied for the Wild

A nice little article

A night of music and an auction of hockey memorabilia raised about $20,000 towards the construction of an arena named after former NHL coach Pat Burns.

Next up: The Ducks.