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Drama, Drama, Drama. I am in shock...


I'm speechless right now... But I guess it makes some sense. We all knew Quebec wanted a team. I just cannot believe that our beloved Avalanche are that team. It's being reported that Quebecor has bought the Avalanche and plans to move them back to Quebec City. Rumors are abound that they have told Sacco that he is being let go, and are in talks with Patrick Roy to take over the coaching of the team.  He'd be a Heck of a goalie coach. Quebec City Mayor Regis Labeaume hasn't responded to the media just yet. I guess that means that these jerseys will be coming out of the back of many closets and worn with pride once again.


Just kidding guys! Although you have to admit, that is a pretty awesome picture! I love seeing the three Stastnys together like that, especially in the Nords jerseys.



Happy April Fools Day, my Darling MHH'ers from all of the MHH staff.