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Daily Cupcakes: April 1st, 2011

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A recap of last night's game.

Paul Stastny and David Jones scored and Brian Elliott made 31 saves for Colorado, 3-22-2 in its last 27 games

Baseball season has started.

Did Broncos season get you down?

Did you grow tired of the Melo-Drama that took the Nuggets hostage for the better part of six months?

Have you given up on the Colorado Avalanche?... yes, they're still playing (ugh!)


An amusing interview with David Quinn, the Lake Erie Monsters coach.

PD: What is one thing you can't do no matter how hard you try?

DQ: Cross my legs.

PD: What?

DQ: I can't cross my legs. Check that -- I can cross them, but not the way I want to. I just look stupid doing it.

PD: Whatever you say.

DQ: On second thought, don't put that in. Put in something hockey-related.

PD: Such as?

DQ: I can't make [Monsters winger] Justin Mercier any smarter.

Apparently Phoenix is wary of the game against the Avalanche. I suppose they would miss Wolski in this game.

Forward Radim Vrbata knows the dangers that lurk lining up against a team with a go-for-broke mind-set.

"Those are the worst games," he said. "It won't be easy game because they play this free game, no pressure."