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Stanley Cup Update: 420...I mean April 20, 2011

Keeping it short today, folks. Actually have to work. Go figure.

Eastern Conference Western Conference
WSH: 2, NYR: 1 DET: 3, PHX: 0
PIT: 2, TBL:1 VAN: 3, CHI: 1
BOS: 1, MTL:2 ANA: 1, NSH: 2
PHI: 2, BUF: 1 SJS: 2, LAK:1

Eastern Conference

Washington Capitals (#1) v. NY Rangers (#8): No goals in the first. One goal each in the second. One goal each in the third...until Brandon Dubinsky backhands the winner past Neuvirth with a minute and a half left. Rangers take it 3-2.

Pittsburgh Penguins (#4) v. Tamba Bay Lightning (#5) : Pit led 2-1 going into the third; TB tied it all up and then gave away the GWG 30 seconds later. Final score 3-2 Penguins

Boston Bruins (#3): v. Montreal Canadiens (#6): Chara's return helped propel the Bruins to a 4-2 win over the Canadiens, bringing the series back in reach. That's not an easy feat in enemy territory, especially when it's Montreal.

Philadelphia Flyers (#2) v. Buffalo Sabres (#7): Not quite the blood bath we'd been seeing, but this was still a good game to watch. Boucher was just awesome in goal, turning away 35 of the 37 he faced. Philly took it 4-2.

Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings (#3) v. Phoenix Coyotes (#6): Still no comment.

Vancouver Canucks (#1) v. Chicago Blackhawks (#8): On Sunday, the Canucks won their third straight, making the Blackhawks the first so far to be in the do-or-die position. And apparently, the Canucks thought that the Blackhawks would go quietly into Tuesday night, just handing them this series. LOLZ. Chicago destroyed them from the first horn to the last, sending the Nucks home with a 7-2 loss haunting their dreams. Vancouver got so frustrated that, at one point, there were 5 guys in the box, 3 of whom had 10 minute majors. In the words of Nelson, "HA! HA!"

Anaheim Ducks (#4) v. Nashville Predators (#5): The first period was all Nashville. The second was all Anaheim. The third was a duel that ended with Mike Fisher's game winner at 10:21. Preds win 4-3.

San Jose Sharks (#2) v. Los Angeles Kings (#7): The Kings came out hot, scoring two goals within the first three minutes. Then scored another late in the first. And then scored another a minute into the second. But then they did their best Avalanche impression and let that 4-0 lead slip away. The final score was 6-5 Sharks in OT.