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Chicks and their Polls: Odd Man Out

Given the past couple of years, I think most of us aren't confident that the Avalanche front office is going to make a lot of changes to the roster during the offseason. There's that whole "be cheap ass bastards" "build from within" thing going on, after all. The DP had an article recently, however, that gave me a bit of hope. It appears that starting today, the big wigs of the organization and their new executive adviser and alternate governor - some hack named Joe Sakic - are having a brainstorm about where the team is headed, what the goals are, and more importantly, what needs to be done to get there. Joe's goal, unsurprisingly, is more banners in the rafters...and no, that doesn't mean of the retired kind. Joe likens this time in Avalanche history to that of his early days with the Quebec Nordiques. And just like them, he sees big success coming for this team very soon. His career and experience is being highly respected, as evidenced by what Greg Sherman had to say: "To have a Joe Sakic to be able to turn to in any hockey matter is going to be tremendous for me and the organization. And I think it will be invaluable to have him be able to sit across the table from any player, and just talk to and help with their game."

That in mind, I don't think we need to stretch our imaginations to know that Sakic will have some say in who stays and who goes, shaping the roster into a team he believes will get 'er done. There are a lot of RFAs and UFAs who played for the Avs last season. Which player do you think will be most likely turning in his unipron this summer?

(No "other" option was given because (1) anyone else would need to be traded, and that's not the point of the poll, silly, and (2) you have to pick one most likely to go. Think of it like an SAT question.)

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