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April 23 NHL Playoff Open Thread

I had a U5 soccer game this morning so sorry if this is late for any of you ne're-do-wells. This preview brought to you by the hyphen.The exact opposite of last night's two games, there are four games on the sched for today, one of which started at noon eastern for some ungodly reason. The Bolts travel to the Steel City for game 5 being down 3-1 in the series and both teams get their humanitarians (Kunitz and Downie, respectively) back for the game. Then the Rangers travel to the capital for a must-win-to-avoid-golf game against the in-a-familiar-position Caps. Following that tilt is game 5 in the Lady Byng Memorial Series between Boston and Montreal. I'm sure Ference will have some real trouble getting together the scratch to pay for that fine. And the late game on the docket features the smelling-blood-in-the-water Sharks taking on the Kings in San Jose. Hopefully the Shark Tank will be more hospitable this time.

P.S. Congrats Nashville for winning their first Game 5 in franchise history last night. Keep it up, I need the Mrs. in a good mood. ;-)