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Late edition- Daily Cupcakes- April 25th, 2011


Puck Daddy talks about things around the NHL

Colorado Avalanche: Oof, the Avs got the absolute crap kicked outta them by Terry Frei in the Denver Post this weekend. "[A]ll signs are that the organization is continuing to be carried away with: a) overrating its ability to spot and nurture young talent, and then, b) overrating that young talent itself, with notable exceptions I'll get to in a second." The exceptions were Matt Duchene(notes) and Chris Stewart(notes). One of those guys doesn't play for the team any more.

The Province talks about Brzgalov do they realize that by saying he gives good quotes, he is guaranteeing that he will not become an Avalanche?

As he so succinctly said last week, "in playoffs, goalies are heroes or they are goats. I am goat."

Only the Colorado Avalanche is looking for a goalie, and maybe the quirky Bryzgalov won’t like that spot either. Avalanche? Cold?

Brzgalov has always been a breath of fresh air as a quote.